Hire a Professional Writer for your Business Plan, Business Proposal and Project Feasibility Studies in Nigeria

Whether you hoping to establish a new business in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa or you have an already established business/venture with few numbers of workers and perhaps wishing to enlarge the business, we can help you write a professional business plan to suit your specific business needs wherever you are in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We write custom Business Proposals, Project Feasibility Study and Business Plans in anywhere across Nigeria. We also offer already written business plans in Nigeria for sale on this site. A excellent business plan will not only be the blueprint of the business, it will also afford the venture a good entry into the business world, including the customers/clients, investors and financial institutions. Writing a comprehensive business plan is very essential because it is the roadmap for business success. This active document usually projects or forecasts 3-5 years ahead and sketches out the course a business or venture intends to take to increase revenues.

We seek to assist small to medium-sized enterprises/ventures/companies/businesses in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa that are looking forward to having a professional Business Plan, Feasibility Study or proposal. Our charges are affordable and are as stated below:

AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES (poultry, piggery etc. business plan in Nigeria)
Business Plan N50, 000
Proposal N50, 000
Feasibility Study N100,000
Business Plan N100, 000
Proposal N50, 000
Feasibility Study Negotiable based on Total cost of Operations

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Apart from customized business plan and proposals, you can also download business plans and proposals that are already completed on various business ventures on this site at N5,000 only.

Business Plan on Poultry farm in Nigeria

Business Plan on restaurant establishment in Nigeria

Business Plan for Distributors of Pharmaceutical Products and Groceries

Business Plan for a bakery in Nigeria

Oil and gas business plan in Nigeria

Our business plan writing team which is made up of specialists in entrepreneurship development will not just make adequate research about your intending business, we will also write the business plan to meet your strategic business needs! That’s correct, we don’t use business plan software or templates here! In the process, we will ask you the essential questions needed to perfectly write your business plan and we will also carry out extra investigations where applicable and advice you professionally. We will converse and work together throughout the process of your business plan and business proposal development.
Once your business plan is written, and you have completed your payment for our services. Your plan is then sent to your email address as an attachment in Microsoft Word format that you can easily and privately download. Over the years, we have used this process to deliver the most professional business plans and business proposals in Nigeria.
With the sufficient cooperation of clients, the standard business plan job will be completed in just about 2 weeks! We know the importance of time. As a result, we make you and your business a high priority.
We also offer additional advantages because we provide other related business growth and development services that would assist you achieve the needed success in your business. We render services such as Website Design in Nigeria, Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria, Feasibility Studies in Nigeria & Business Development Consultancy in Nigeria i.e. we can development your Business from scratch to completion! We will develop a business venture that you can confidently make high level of profit from.


A business plan is an indispensable roadmap for business survival and success. This essential document usually projects 3-5 years ahead and charts out the course a venture or company intends to take to grow revenues. It typically contains the executive summary, company description, market analysis, organization and management, service and product line, marketing and sales, funding request, financial projection……read more