Oftentimes, researches do take the most unanticipated turn and dimension. This usually makes research a hectic experience. As a rule, priceless time could be lost if it is approached in a chaotic manner.
In cases of cumbersome research, a team/group comprising many researchers is considered appropriate for timely project completion. Every researcher involved has an array of tasks and area of attention, this will assist a lot and there will be timely completion of research work.
On the other hand, in individual or personal research work, this article will provide below tips for students on time management. However, these tips can generally be applicable to any form of research project when it comes to time management.

Plan the project.

As expected, the first is to make a plan, approach or strategy from the outset. This very important to timely completion of any project. Although the main thing to consider in ensuring that the plan or strategy work out ultimately is the capability of the researcher to complete successfully the process of the research! Itemize all likely requirements; materials and know-how, associated risks, financial implications, raw materials etc must all be put into careful consideration.

Outline the project scope.

The importance of research scope definition cannot be over-emphasized; even though, researches could cover the whole world, proper identification of limits will save a lot of time! Before embarking on the research, a potential scope must be known. The project scope should properly be defined even in experimental research where it is important to know the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

List the procedures.

Breakdown events into minor units and emphasize in details on each small unit. Your supervisor interest and guidance is important in identifying the steps involved.

Give Priority to every step.

All the activities must be prioritized based on their importance and value during the course of the research. Definitely, some would be valuable than the other.

Have a time limit set for each of the unit.

Every project tasks must be accomplish-able in a specified time. Purposely seek to get each unit completed within specific time targets having in mind the project work schedule. For instance, you have just two days to write chapter one, you have to make sure you identify the main objectives of the study and identify the problems it intends to solve. Research into the background, divide it into sections and write out the first draft without editing, non-stop, directly from your memory. You should be able to achieve this by the end of the first dedicated day. You now edit carefully after writing, line by line. Then, a plagiarism checking tool is used to check for similarity index. You can check the plagiarism level of your work using an online tool like before submitting the work to your supervisor for likely corrections if there are any and corrected as directed. However, within two days as described, the project task is achieved just by dividing the duties into bits.

Establish a support structure.

This can be a senior professional personality you feed back to or chat with about the research. This helps your academic conduct, because have to meet the person’s expectations and/or impress the person, assisting you key into the genuine part of your innovativeness. If student researchers strongly hold on to this, it will improve your work responsibilities leading to huge success.

Avoid social media distraction while looking up papers and journals online. Students end up spending several hours online in course of reviewing previous literatures. This usually caused by distractions from friends and the likes on social media. It is compulsory you shut yourself out of this to save a lot time when writing your research paper. All work without play, as they say makes Jack a dull boy! It is suitable you have a working time and relaxation period. On your working time, make sure it is protected with all seriousness by focusing on your work. Don’t give in to irrelevant activities easily. These can constitute distraction for your work and lengthen the time required to complete every units of your research work.

Make sure your plan does not exceed the research scope and the available materials.

Your study plan should be limited to the research capability of your institution, consider electricity supply and all other facilities that may be required for your research. For instance, some research may require the use of laboratory, with high number of students in school, you will need to choose appropriate time to do your practical to avoid late-hour rush and excessive queue for equipments. Make maximum use of available time and resources towards the success of your research work.

Avoid being a perfectionist;

It wastes a lot of time. It is good to edit and fine-tune your work. At a certain point, its best you move ahead with other job units, especially when the specified time allotted for that unit of work has been exceeded. You quickly move to the next part.


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