Carefully read these guidelines because failure to abide by all these guidelines may lead to serious sanctions.

  1. This platform will afford you the access to chat with and receive jobs from clients who need help writing academic projects, thesis, dissertations, academic papers and articles.
  2. Once you are verified and accepted on the platform, clients will have access to you on WhatsApp for direct chats.
  3. You are free to choose the price(s) of your services. Note that the organization will take 20% as commission on all your jobs, and you will be paid 80% of the payments accepted from all writers.
  4. You must not accept payments from any client, ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY TO MZWRITERS.
  5. 80% of the payment will be yours, once the clients indicates that he or she is COMPLETELY satisfied with your work, within seven days after job delivery. You will get only 40% payment for jobs that are partially acceptable/not plagiarized, and receive no payment for unacceptable and plagiarized jobs.
  6. Your payments for all jobs done within the month will be paid by management of Mzwriters to the writer on the last day of the month.
  7. You must not obtain any personal information from the client.
  8. In your application, you are expected to provide your real name (as reflected on your certificate and other documents), original picture of yours that should be displayed on your board as shown here.
  9. You are advised to obtain the proof of payment for every job, and send same, with the details of the job (including research topic, number of chapters, number of words and other specifics) to the Mzwriters admin once payment is made to Mzwriters.
  10. Mzwriters admin must be copied when sending jobs to any client, so that Mzwriters can know the exact time the work was delivered.
  11. You are expected to provide application letter, proof of residence (such as electricity bill), ID (any government issued identity card, international passport, or voters card) in your application before you can be accepted to this platform.
  12. You are also expected to take a test which should be done and delivered to within 24 hrs before you can be accepted on this platform.
  13. You must be truthful to the clients at all times.
  14. You should direct/refer all complaints or inquiries about any other writer (not yourself) to the Mzwriters admin, as you do not have any business with any other writer, just focus on your work squarely. You must kindly respond to all inquiries about the jobs you are doing only.