Getting your project topic approved by your supervisor involves more than the choice of the mere “purportedly good topic”. Research or Projects is a logical write up that has to be applicable and all-inclusive in accomplishing its goals of enhancing the body of knowledge. More often, most student researchers have been having one challenge or the other in getting their project topics approved by lecturers in charge of their research work popularly referred to as project supervisors. Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to get your research topic approved by your project supervisor, then, following these guidelines will offer you a positive advantage in the heart of the project supervisor, thereby enabling the quick approval of your project topic and even the chapter one to five of your work. Enjoy as you read!

  • Select a realistic or attention-grabbing project topic

It is very important that to impress your project supervisor by choosing a practicable project topic that would enable him approve it on time. The choice of a realistic project topic will enhance the interest of the supervisor in your work, this invariably brings about easy and speedy approval of your project topic. You should avoid an uninteresting project topic that might give you tedious time in getting the project supervisor’s “go ahead nod”. Search for a good research topic from wherever you can get it (there is possibility of getting from many Nigerian universities or meet a graduate and also you can choose from the internet. Also, many research and project writing websites like do offer free and quality project topics for student researchers in Nigeria and across the world.

  • Shun trendy project topics or research topics that have been worked on recently

Popular research topics or project topics that have been worked upon recently can be avoided by having a talk with your project supervisor. This remarkable action of having a talk with the supervisor will help in a lot of ways in understanding a number of things concerning your project supervisor. The following are the things you should pay serious attention to:

1. The area of the study that your project supervisor is         paying serious attention to.

2. The research topics the supervisor has supervised in recent past or has quality knowledge about.

This chat with your research supervisor would be the only factors that will save you from being described as a lazy research student by your project supervisor. Your discussion with your research supervisor would better portray you as a painstaking student and which will later help you from research topic rejection. It will similarly compel your project supervisor to develop interest in your project work which will lead to him helping you in get things done on time.

  • Project topics with enough statement of problem

In selecting a project topic that will get a quick approval of your project supervisor, the chosen research topic should have a reasonable problem statement. The simple meaning of this is that there must be a convincing grounds why the study has to be carried out. Project supervisors are frequently interested in the statement of the broad problems of the research as this would determine either your project or research topic is rejected or approved. The problems stimulating you as a researcher into the study must be on the front burner so that your project topic can be fascinating adequately for your research supervisor to approve. The more interesting the problem making you to embark on the research is, the more your chances of getting your project topic approved willingly and quickly by the project supervisor.

  • Project Topic should be related to your discipline of study

Before a project topic can be approved swiftly by your project supervisor, the topic must be relevant to your course of study as this would be one of the significant indicators that will make your supervisor endorse your project topic. The more related your project topic is to your field of study the more you can be rest certain that your project supervisor will approve your project topic. Project Topics relevant to your field of study would assist you in outlining your aims and objectives and the problem statement of the research.

  • Availability of the needed materials for your intended project topic

Apart from selecting a project topic relevant to your course of study, one other reason that would make your project supervisor approve your topic will be based on your choice of topic whose materials can be easily sourced. Often times, project supervisors frequently ask these questions, and in most situations they can ask you to bring the available materials you have gathered so far for the research work, this is done to guarantee that your project topic can be successfully researched or conducted. Availability of project materials for a research topic will be very helpful in dodging the possibility of being stalked up in the middle of the research or yet total cancellation of the research work by your project supervisor.

  • Be sure to have a good understanding of the subject scenario

Before your research topic can be approved swiftly by your project supervisor, there is need for you to have a good knowledge of the selected topic. A very good understanding of the research topic/area would assist you in answering any questions that your project supervisor may ask you before the approval of your project topic and the whether your project topic is approved or not, the overall success depends on your level of understanding of the subject area. Moreover, you should be able to see beyond the chapter 1 and chapter two from the perspective of the topic only. This would represent a high level of seriousness to your project supervisor which will invariably endear his heart to the work.

  • Develop a healthy and strong relationship with your project supervisor

Developing a good relationship with your project supervisor will be a better decision for the overall success of your research. Creating a relationship with your project supervisor will make you to be freer with him/her and also connect him/her more to you. An immediate outcome of this would be that the project supervisor would always willingly give you the needed attention and would make corrections in a friendly manner whenever there is need for it.


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