Economics, Mathematics and Statistics Research Project Topics and Materials

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  1. Government expenditure and agricultural production in Nigeria (1970 – 2010)
  2. The impact of monetary policy on balance of payment in Nigeria
  3. Multivariable optimization with constraints
  4. Chi-square test of independence of students’ performance in UME and Post-UME (case study of University of Benin)
  5. Deterministic inventory model and its application to Mouka foam industry
  6. An analysis of the impact of stock market development on economic growth in Nigeria
  7. Matrix and its applications
  8. Computerization of student records, mathematics department of the University of Benin as a case study using My SQL
  9. Times series analysis: a case study of wheat flour product from Edo State flour mill company plc, Ewu
  10. Iterative Toeplitz System using the conjugate gradient method with the super optimal pre-conditioners.
  11. The impact of stock exchange on capital accumulation in Nigeria: an empirical analysis 1980-2010
  12. The effects of capital formulation on economic growth in Nigeria, (1980-2010)
  13. Application of matrices to real life problems

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