Getting a good project writer for your research paper can be sometimes challenging due to the increased number of self-acclaimed writers today. Many of our clients have been asking us how they can identify good writers owing to previous unpleasant experience with some writers especially online. The most important thing in freelance writing is customer satisfaction which incorporates reliability, quality and timely delivery. The following has been put together to help you identify a good writer for that your research work you are about to write



A good freelance writer should want to know as much as possible about your research and you want it done. This is important because this is the raw material that will power the intended research write up. When a writer acts like he/she knows it all and will not welcome/entertain your preferences or seems disinterested in your school guidelines or not asking about project supervisor’s instructions or specifications, this is a writer to completely shun.

Technical/Grammar proficiency

This is another important quality. This means the freelance writer can put sentences together, spell correctly, and above all put together meaningful write up that is worth reading. A systematic knowledge of proper grammar and sentence construction is totally necessary to the success of an academic writer. However, research writing is held to a much higher standard, and any deviation from the standard grammar rules reduces the quality of the academic paper, even when the content is incredible.

Great Listener

The competence in writing is important, but it is even more important to have good listening ability. A good freelance academic writer must be able to listen attentively to the needs of the client. This is unquestionably the most essential characteristic of becoming a successful freelance writer, and will save you from frequent rewrites when a paper does not meet the stated specifications that was requested by the client.


A good freelance must have the record of delivery on deadline. Remember that the reason you are hiring a writer is for you to have a time write up. Several writing experts understands that it is really important to meet a client’s deadline, Given that you were given enough time to complete the amount of work requested.

Honesty and Reliability

You must be very sure the writer is honest and reliable before parting with your money. Some level of integrity is required in any business, but it is of yet greater importance in academic writing. Considering that you will put a great level of faith in the writer to produce written material for you, so you must choose a writer that has the history of reliability to produce that project material and keep all confidential information completely private. Our writers at possess these qualities, these has engender good relationship between us and our clients over the years.


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