Business Plan on Palm Tree and Coconut Plantation


  1. Executive Summary

1.1       Management Team

1.2       Background of the Business

1.3       Product

1.4       Market

1.5       Competitor

1.6       Personnel Objectives

1.7       Business Goal

1.8       Objective

2.0       Marketing Plan

2.1       Marketing Goal

2.2       Sales Forecast

2.3       Revenue Forecast

2.4       Marketing Objectives

2.5       Strategies for Achieving the objective

2.6       Estimate of Cost of Marketing Action

3.0       Production and Operation Plan

4.0       Organizational and Human Resources Plan

4.1       Administrative Department

4.2       Marketing Department

4.3       Production Department

4.4       Maintenance and Security Department

4.5       Enterprise Employees

5.0       Financial Plan

5.1       Annual Personnel Cost

5.2       Estimate of Capital Expenditure

5.3       Estimate of Net working Capital

5.4       Cash Flow Forecast

5.6       Balance Sheet

5.7       Break-Even Analysis

6.0     Risk Assessment


The proposed Palm Tree Plantation, Coconut Plantation, Poultry and Fish Farming are a partnership business owned by Tiwa-N-Tiwa Microfinance Bank. The company is aimed at producing high yield species of palm and coconut products through mechanized farming and also engages in fishing and poultry farming. The mission of the company is to be a leading agriculture-based company that will be supplying palm and coconut produce and its end products to companies and restaurants while exporting same in large quantities to African and western countries. Fish and poultry products will also be produced in large quantities. The farm will be located at 31, Tako Salu Complex, Awadagbe, Ajara Agamathen Badagry, Lagos State. The start-up capital for the business is estimated at the cost of N1,000,000,000.00 (one billion Naira). This business plan has carefully incorporated the organizational plan, management plan, marketing plan and the financial plan.

CAPITAL investment:                    N1,000,000,000.00

Date of Commencement:               1st December 2019

Name and Address of Bankers:   GT Bank, Lagos State.


1.   Managing Director/CEO
2.   Assistant General Manager


Agricultural production can be described as a very lucrative business today in Nigeria going by the lever of hunger, starvation and the need for increased production of food in Nigeria. There is large market for palm and coconut produce, fish and poultry products both locally and internationally considering the several products obtainable from these agricultural products. These products constitute the main element of every day food in Nigeria because no household can survive without palm oil, fish and poultry products food. Based on the foregoing, these aspect of farming is another untapped gold-mine considering the high level of profitability accruable from its production.


The market for the products includes:

  1. Palm and coconut processing companies, restaurants and so on.
  2. Traders or market women
  3. Households
  4. International market


Our competitors include:

  1. Cooperative Agric
  2. Ajanla Agric Farm
  3. Adeogun Agric, Agbara.
  4. Adebayo farms

The competitive advantages of our competitors are:

  1. They have been in existence for long which make them to be known virtually in all parts of the town.
  2. They have experienced workers
  3. Two of them are strategically located.
  4. They are large.

Their competitive disadvantages are:

  1. Most of their equipment are out of fashion.
  2. They have poor customer relationship.
  3. The prices of their products are too exorbitant.

The competitive edge of our business includes:

  1. Creating a good rapport with our customers so as to enhance their satisfaction.
  2. Setting moderate prices for our products
  3. Cultivation of hybrid and better species of palm and coconut seeds.
  4. Rearing of quality species of birds and fishes.
  5. Provision of constant training for workers so as to make them relevant in the environment.
  6. Use of modern equipment for farming and processing

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