Business Plan for Restaurant in Nigeria

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Executive Summary

MZBS Restaurant business plan in Nigeria is intended for the production of local and foreign foods in commercial quantities in Ketu, Lagos State. Nigeria. We will be providing various mouth-watering delicacies for people, workers, households, offices and the public at large. We will also offer apprenticeship training and consultancy in the food-making industry. The company was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 

Our goal is to be one of the best three restaurant in South West Nigeria. Our equipment are word class and our ovens are specially fabricated to produce a delicious delicacies so fresh that our market outrun competitors on daily basis.

Our core value is high level neatness throughout the process of production. We already receive approval from the National Food and Drug Control (NAFDAC) Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and other relevant agencies.

We recruit mostly through the apprenticeship process and invest so much in continuous training of our workers. We are proud to say that we have some of the best caterers and food scientists in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the demand for delicious delicacies and daily staple food is increasing on a daily basis and this is good news for us who want to extend our market outside Lagos State and other parts of the South West.  We have very strong distribution channels that supply fresh daily staple foods on daily basis to the members of the public. We also have a very good online presence on Facebook, twitter and so on.

We are known for a unique taste different from other restaurant around and this has made our customers always want to come back. As a result of this, our customers are increasing on daily basis. The financial projection in the business plan shows that we will need 5 Million naira for the business to take off. There will be consistent profit margin in the next three production years with positive cash flow.




Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

1.0 Business Overview

1.1 Description of the Business

1.2 Vision and Mission Statement

1.3 Business Objective

1.4 Value Proposition

1.5 Critical Success Factor of the Business

1.6 Current Status of Business

1.7 Description of the Business Industry

1.8 Contribution to Local and National Economy


2.0 Marketing Plan

 2.1 Description of product and Services


2.3 Equipment List

2.4 Pricing Strategy

2.5 Target Market

2.6 Distribution and Delivery Strategy

2.7 Competition




3.0 Organizational and Management Plan

 3.1 Ownership of the business

3.2 Profile of the promoters

3.3 Key Management Staff

3.3.1 Strategic Business Units

3.3.2 Management Support Units

3.4 Responsibilities and Salary schedule of Key Management Staff

3.4.1 Chief Operating Officer

3.4.2 Admin and HR Manager

3.4.3 Merchandize Manager

3.4.4 Food Production Manager/Supervisor

3.4.5 Sales and Marketing Officer

3.4.6 Client Service Executive/Front Desk Officer

3.4.7 Accountant / Cashier



4.0   Financial Plan

 4.1 Financial Assumption

4.2 Start-up Capital Estimation

4.3 Financial Projections

4.4 Pay Back Period



5.0 Business Risk and mitigation factor

 5.1 Business Risks

5.2 SWOT Analysis


6.0 Conclusion