How To Formulate Research Problem

Focusing down on a single issue or topic might help you narrow the research problem down to a more manageable set of questions. You can also look at a research problem from the angle of what earlier researchers has not done on the subject.

It is not always easy to formulate a research problem in a basic and plain manner. Researchers in several scientific disciplines may need to spend years gathering data and conducting interviews and observations before they are able to describe their unique study problems or subjects.

It’s possible that many concepts are too general to provide a realistic research problem. Choosing an issue, like unemployment, to explore does not automatically establish a problem that can be studied. The problem in this case may have to do with labour laws. The intricacy of the issue precludes its resolution by a solitary researcher. Lacking sufficient resources, this would result in superficial, misdirected research.

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How To Write The Statement Of The Research Problem

Explaining the problem in detail is an important part of every research paper. Diverse researchers are likely to generate different researchable problems from the same situation due to the wide variety of research concerns that might arise out of a general problem scenario. You can only really go into one of these problems with your research, however.

Here are some of the characteristics of a problem statement that make it conducive to the development of a research plan in most innovative fields:

(1) points to unfulfilled needs.

(2) The problem must be based on solid evidence, not conjecture.

(3) It should include relevant and tested hypotheses to avoid comments that are of little or no use in resolving the problem (as opposed to just random guesses).

(4) the problems at hand should be realistic and manageable.

By stating the research problem explicitly, you help yourself and your readers better understand the scope of your investigation. Therefore, the stages that your methodology will involve should center on spreading information helpful in resolving that problem. Therefore, the problem description is an important resource for focusing your investigation. Your research will be evaluated in part on whether or whether it offers a remedy to the problem you’ve identified.