International Relations, History & Diplomacy Research Project Topics and Materials

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  1. Sectarian Crises in Northern Nigeria: The case study of Kano and Kaduna States
  2. Pre-Colonial Relations among The Yoruba
  3. The Role of Russia in the Nigeria Civil War
  4. The Arab-Israeli Conflict and United States Geo-strategic and Economic Interests in the Middle-East
  5. The Pre-Colonial Judicial System of Esanland (a Case Study of Irrua Kingdom)
  6. The International Politics of the Creation of the State of Israel in 1948
  7. Propaganda in politics: the use of language for effect in electioneering campaign
  8. Conflict management in the Niger Delta (a case study of the Amnesty Programme)
  9. The United Nations under Kofi Annan (1992 – 2006)
  10. Oba Akenzua II and the socio-political development of Benin
  11. Nigeria’s role in the formation of a regional organization: a case study of ECOWAS
  12. Globalization and Nigeria economic development

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