Business Plan for Travels and Tours Business in Nigeria


  1. Executive Summary

1.1       Management Team

1.2       Background of the Business

1.3       Product

1.4       Market

1.5       Competitor

1.6       Personnel Objectives

1.7       Business Goal

1.8       Objective

2.0       Marketing Plan

2.1       Marketing Goal

2.2       Sales Forecast

2.3       Revenue Forecast

2.4       Marketing Objectives

2.5       Strategies for Achieving the objective

2.6       Estimate of Cost of Marketing Action

3.0       Production and Operation Plan

4.0       Organizational and Human Resources Plan

4.1       Administrative Department

4.2       Marketing Department

4.3       Production Department

4.4       Maintenance and Security Department

4.5       Enterprise Employees

5.0       Financial Plan

5.1       Annual Personnel Cost

5.2       Estimate of Capital Expenditure

5.3       Estimate of Net working Capital

5.4       Cash Flow Forecast

5.6       Balance Sheet

5.7       Break-Even Analysis

6.0     Risk Assessment


NAME:                      MZ TRAVEL & TOURS

ADDRESS:               156, Surulere Street, Ondo City, Ondo State.

LEGAL FORM:        Sole proprietorship

CAPITAL investment:                    N10,000,000

Date of Commencement:               1st June, 2019

Name and Address of Bankers:   GT Bank, Ondo.


1. Mr. John Mathew General Manager
2. Mrs. Idowu Michael Assistant General Manager


Travel and tour business is a very profitable business in Nigeria and Africa as a whole based on the fact that the majority of the populace wants to travel for one purpose or the other. The Lower class citizens want to travel for greener a pasture which also applies to middles class who may like to travel for education, work and holiday purposes. There is no doubt that the rich (higher class will always like to travel for recreational adventures, education, holidays, shopping and anything you can think of. Considering all these, one can conclude that there is large market for this business.


  • Educational travels
  • Medical travels
  • Holidays and tours
  • Work travels
  • Short time visits
  • vacations


The market for the products includes:

  1. Students or schools
  2. Artisans
  3. Traders or business men & women
  4. Civil servant.
  5. Agencies
  6. Government functionaries and politicians


Our competitors include:

  1. Global travels & Tour, Akure.
  2. Urban traveler, ondo.
  3. Japper travelling agency, Ore.

Thank you