Element Of Research That Frequently Helps Decision Making

It is widely known that research process has been used main to solve problems, and this has helped the society grow particularly in recent times with the advent of modern technology. However, this article is written to point out some research elements that will help every researcher make decision.


It’s possible that the facts and information you have just represent one side of the problem. Data and information may be biased in two ways: by accident and by design. Any part of the research process, from defining the topic to conducting the study to collecting data to analyzing and interpreting those data to presenting the results, may include bias. Because of the inherent biases in our own research, we often struggle to recognize and avoid it. The ability to recognize and, if feasible, mitigate bias during research is emphasized throughout this session.

Editing and recording:

Observational stage recording, collation, and analysis may introduce recording, transcribing, and editing mistakes.

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There is a risk that the information and data chosen are not relevant to the task at hand. Depending on the nature of the choices at hand, information may constitute data to certain decision-makers.


If any one of the steps in the process takes too long, the data won’t reach the right people in time for them to utilize it to make decisions.

Analysis and Interpretation

Analyzing and interpreting data may provide their own unique challenges, such as when an unsuitable method of analysis is used, which then leads to erroneous conclusions.

With these explanations made in this article, we can begin to define some of the characteristics necessary for knowledge to be of value in making decisions.