Selecting a proper case study for a research is an important element of the procedure of conducting a research or study. A case study is simply a description of geographical location or specific type of data that is appropriate in solving the stated research problems i.e. the hypothesis for the project topic under study must be centered on the selected case study. However, consideration must be given to the following when selecting a suitable case study for your research or study:

Research/Project Topic

In selecting a case study, the research topic under study must be in full consideration. A case study that is not in alignment with the research topic might lead to a research whose outcomes and conclusion aren’t accurate enough for applicability in the subject area due to the acceptance of a false null or alternative hypothesis. The research topic of a project determines the kind of case study to use in carrying out a research.

A nice example is a research topic that has to do with employee motivation or employee performance, selecting a case study that falls outside a business environment may as a matter of fact lead to responses from individuals who aren’t experienced in business and employment area, the result of this would just be that conclusions reached when the data is analyzed might bring about rejection of an alternative hypothesis that is supposed to be accepted or acceptance of an alternative hypothesis that is supposed to be rejected therefore influencing the level of accuracy of the research. Consequently for choosing a suitable case study, several things has to depend on the research topic of the project.

The topic of a research also reveals if a primary data or secondary data will be necessary for accuracy and adequacy of the research. Specific topics particularly in econometrics or finance discipline will require secondary method of collecting data e.g. published or already existing data instead of the primary means of collecting new data like the interview or questionnaire technique.
However in other disciplines particularly education and social sciences, the research topic of the project decides the case study that best fits the research. For example:
For a research topic that centers on student academic performance, a suitable case study should or must be the school settings and the best form of data collection is through the primary means which are the interview method or the use of questionnaire by means of distribution.

Conclusively, it is the research topic that best reveals to researchers the type of case study to be selected and the best approach to generating the data that is needed for an accurate and comprehensive research.


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