Doing a research project is a compulsory requirement for every student who aims to graduate someday and on time. Research projects are one of the final and most imperative customs in the academic curriculum for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. Many students who carry out their research works may not really understand the common mistakes that may lead to them extra year or poor grades. This organization has taken it has a primary duty to educate student researchers on the common and usual mistakes they must take cognizance of and avoid making during the course of their research works.

Poor Grammatical spelling: grammatical spelling is one area of research writing that students fail to notice, for your research writing to be of awesome, your write-up must be free of grammatical errors and wrongly spelt words. Project Supervisors frequently look out for this in their decision of researches carried out by students.

Inadequate referencing: many student researchers have this challenge while doing their project work. A normal reference should have the author’s surname, the year of the paper publication and the page you are citing or referencing from. E.g. (Ayotunde 2017:41)

Poor time management: in carrying out a research, time management is of great value. A lot of students do not manage their time wisely and they end up hurrying to finish up and therefore making several mistakes. For proper time management, specify the time limit for the completion of each chapter or stage of your project.

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Lack of sequential order: research projects are recognized for the sequential order they adhere to. Most students fall victim of not applying the sequential order in the course of their research works and this leads to penalty of not probably presenting or total project cancellation. All institution has a chronological order all research should follow. It is compulsory to follow the sequential order specified as this would enhance the originality of your research.

Inadequate proof reading: a lot of student researchers are guilty of not properly proof reading their research write-up before submitting to the supervisor. It is very important that all project write ups must be thoroughly proof read and be sure that all the paragraphs are well perused as this would reduce the problem of poor grammar and wrong spelling.

Plagiarism: plagiarism is taken as one of the most punishable offence while doing a research work. Plagiarism can basically be described as the act of copying text word for word mostly online without making any changes whatsoever or paraphrasing. It is a widely acceptable fact that doing everything possible to avoid plagiarism is one certain way of obtaining good grades in your research works. Research supervisors mostly look out for plagiarism and any act of copy and paste could terminate the dream of making good grades in your research project.

Significance of the study: All research works must have significance of study. Many project supervisors look out for this aspect as this is what makes a research work different from a just write up or newspaper publication. Always think and innovate out interesting significances of your study as this would assist in realizing set goals and objectives. The benefit of all research work is its significance/importance.

Needless background: most student researchers do make that mistake of writing up a background of study that is not in any means applicable to your research undertakings. It is a known fact that the beginning of everything is important and this also applies to project works. While introducing your research topic, you must try by all means to create a background of the study that is related to the study and avoid writing unnecessary points as this can simply put project supervisors off and this could lead to loss of several marks. Always ensure that your background of the study is very captivating while simultaneously ensure to cut off the needless write ups that can result to penalty as this would create interest from project supervisors.


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