There is no skepticism about the fact that literature review is a vital part of every research project. As its name reflects, literature review entails the collection of ideas, views, standpoints and opinions, expressed in the writings of acknowledged authorities as well as results of previous researchers in the student researcher’s field of investigation.

Review of related literature involves the organized identification, location and analysis of papers containing information connected to the research problem. An awesome literature review must provide information about what had already been conducted; how they were carried out and with what findings.

Note that the research cannot continue effectively if the literature review has not been written considering the huge amount of information to be sought from various sources (primary and secondary), there is no uncertainty that the review of related literature is a critical task deserving an equally considerable attention.

What need to be done here is to collate what others have learnt or done about similar research problems and to collect information relevant and applicable to the current research problem. The Chapter Two of the research project is typically dedicated to it. Basically, it serves three purposes namely: –

  1. To decide the theoretical background for the research project. This is done under the THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK sub-heading
  2. To critically review present research works within the mainstream of other interrelated ones formerly conducted. This is done under the EMPIRICAL REVIEW sub-heading
  3. To review the concepts related to that particular area of study. This is done under the CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK sub-heading

How To Determine the Quality of Literature Review

To find out the quality of literature review on any given research topic, it is essential to provide answers to the questions below: –

  1. How broad or narrow is the scope of the literature reviewed?
  2. How current are the materials/studies reviewed?
  3. How applicable are the studies reviewed to the subject of the current research?
  4. How well organized is the whole literature review?
  5. Does it have things such as introduction, subheadings, summary and Research Gap?

The Requirements of a Good Literature Review

To write an awesome literature review, student researcher is required to demonstrate the abilities below:

  1. The ability to locate relevant and applicable sources within a reasonable time frame.
  2. The ability to read through so many sources speedily.
  3. The ability to recognize, for future use, all relevant materials contained in the sources read.
  4. The ability to figure out and arrange information collected from the various sources consulted.

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